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    July Sale 10% off

    AIPCTSHOP July 10% off Sale

    Take 10% off your order of 50 USD or more using the coupon code July10 from now Until July 7th.

    Have a safe and happy Fourth of July !

  2. 10% off Until end of Month

    10% off until the end of May

    Use code May10

    Order must be over 50 USD of product

    Peace !
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    Aipctshop 10 to 15% off sale PreEaster Sale 10 to 15% off your order until April 17

    10% off your order using the code: PreEaster10 for any sized order

    Order over 250 USD and you can take 15% off using...
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    10 % to 15% off sale @ AIPCTSHOP

    Sometimes we don't post often but we are always here to try to assist to questions. In any event, short and sweet here just a SALE:

    From now till the end of the month 10% off or orders under...
  5. Toll free number is being set up currently to reach us

    OK folks we are going to try something new and please bear with us while we work on this and get the kinks worked out.

    There will be a toll free number you can call to reach out to us after ...
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    Free Shipping Offer

    FatTuesdayFreeShipping is the code at check out to get free shipping for any order over 200 USD.

    From now till March 5th at midnight PST in celebration of Mardi Gras.

    Just input that code at...
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    Sale and more

    If you did not or have not signed up for our newsletter please do so, a few days ago we sent one out and it had a sale posted.

    currently there are two days left to save 10%


    Is ...
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    Jan Sale and newsletter

    We sent out a newsletter two days ago, if you have not gotten one check your spam or resign up. In our newsletters we will be posting specials like we did during Xmas only for our newsletter...
  9. Dec 29 Last sale item for this holiday, Caber ! Aipctshop - 6 am EST till 11:59 pm

    Buy one Caberlin .25mg / 8 tablet, get one order free. Limit of 3 free sets (24 pills). Put 7 in your cart pay for 4 get 3 free, put 2 in your cart pay for 1 get 1 free, put in 6 in your cart...
  10. Dec 28 BOGO Viagra Special for Aipctshop - 6 am EST till 11:59 pm PST ONLY

    Had complaints that why only Cialis was put up for BOGO so I changed our scheudle and here is a BOGO Viagra for you gentlemen.

    Tomorrow is our LAST day for sale items this holiday season...
  11. Dec 26 BOGO Cialis Special for Aipctshop - 6 am EST till 11:59 pm PST ONLY

    Santa whispered in my ear and said all you boys were naughty this year and the girls liked it... So let there be Buy one get one free Cialis !

    While shipping won?t make it in time to ring in...
  12. Dec 26 BOGO HCG Special for Aipctshop - 6 am EST till 11:59 pm PST ONLY

    BOGO HCG? Buy one ZyHCG 5000 get one free. Limit of 2 free. Put in 3 get 1 free, put in 4 get 2 free, put in 5 get two free, etc? Add how many you want into your cart and the cart will adjust to...
  13. Dec 25 Xmas day Special for Aipctshop - 6 am EST till 11:59 pm PST ONLY

    BOGO needs a rest and as it is Christmas day, 20% off with the code Miracleon34 (one of my favorite all time holiday shows)

    From 0600 EST till 23:59 PST (EST and PST is American Time...
  14. Dec 24 Second Day Special for Aipctshop - 6 am EST till 11:59 pm PST ONLY

    Acne time folks, so todays sale is for Isotroin 20 mg. Buy One Get One. You can get up to three free sleeves of this product. If you want to buy 3 and get 3 free, put 6 in your cart the cart...
  15. Dec 23 First Day Special for Aipctshop - 6 am EST till 11:59 pm PST ONLY

    On the first day of Christmas my true love said to me? let there be a free Xtane?.

    From 0600 EST till 23:59 PST (EST and PST is American Time Zone for our Aussie / taiwanese / japanese /...
  16. Noice on Daily Specials during holiday time !

    Going to try something new this year ! Hope to bugger this works as planned.

    Special offers will be released every day at 6 am EST USA and last till 11:59 PST USA time zone.

    Each day...
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    Site is up, few tweaks left but up

    Just an update the site is up and a few more tweaks and twists are left. Not everything is migrated over yet so don't fret just yet but it should be up and faster for all now and we do have some...
  18. LIttle more web downtime almost done with our final move and update

    we are working on the site again so it might be down hopefully for a few hours only this time but we'll see

    our last migration did not get the accounts and we are working on that one and a few...
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    December10 sales code for 10% off

    First, the site should be fixed now moved to a new host and hopefully not going ot face the same issues again. We will also be having a back up site just in case the servers or hosts ever take a...
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    Sale at and

    Short and sweet, Sales Code for 10% off valid at

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    10% off Sale at

    If you have not signed up for our newsletter please do so you can sign up


    In this latest newsletter is a sale code for 10% off on your order of 50 USD or more. Plus, due to...
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    Sale coming and discount at modafinshop

    Jacob here and I am just back to work from a conference and think it is about time for a sale, so if you have not subscribed to our newsletter please do so, you can do so


    I'm not sure...
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    Free EMS shipping for 2 days only offer

    Free EMS shipping for orders over 160 USD for two days only.

    Just sign up for our newsletter and get the code, if you already are on our newsletter list you'll get the code automatically.
  24. AugustSale, Thyro3, news and notes @

    We sent out a newsletter a week ago that listed a sales code, that sales code is still valid. It would be beneficial if you would sign up for our newsletter to receive the sales...
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    AIPCTSHOP Staff Packing Photos

    Here are some photos of our staff packing your orders. We will be uploading photos and videos shortly so stay tuned we are trying to find ways to express how we operate and the order flow.

  26. sale, newsletter and

    our newsie will be going out shortly so keep an eye for out it.

    IN honor of the greatest rally in the USA, sales code for is having a sale 10% off and the sales code is Sturgis2018...
  27. Sale, and reasons why you should subscribe to our newsletter and EU shipping products

    Folks we sent out a newsletter about a week ago and in it we had a 15% off for folks who read it in the next day or two after it was sent out.

    So if you are not signed up for our newsletter...
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    Ralista Failed testing, Again

    Unfortunately Ralista failed their final round of testing, so no stock of ralista.

    This is the third failed testing. Everyone is out of stock and there is no alternatives. I just got done...
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    GREAT to have new members here !

    GREAT to have new members here !
  30. Thread: Hi


    Welcome to IMF !

    Welcome to IMF !
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