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    HCG during cycle

    HCG During Cycle
    HCG in combination with Nolvadex can and should be used during prolonged (12+/wks) and high dosage (1,000+mgs/wk) cycles. In this case, 500-1,000 IUs HCG ED in combination with 20...
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    Hunger issues on orals ?

    Injectables are the base of any cycle because they are more stable on body , are less toxic and can be used for longer . The main injectable that should always be part of any cycle if you want to...
  3. Steroids is always the base and best relation...

    Steroids is always the base and best relation price / gains . HGH is what put you on another level for sure , but you always need to be on steroids to have real gains from hgh . Peptides are for...
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    Get big and lean without offseason

    Rebound post contest can be the best bulking cycle ever!

    Yes . That´s why I said many times to my athletes and clients to get shredded first and then do a bulking cycle . And why? Because the...
  5. Bostin Lloyd said Insubolic is the best IGF

    Check the minute 57 when Bostin talk about Insubolic from Qore Pharm
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    You cant afford HGH?

    Do you love hgh but you dont have the money to afford the right dosage to build muscle? I think we all have this problem. Have money to use 6 to 8ius every day is impossible for majority of the...
  7. Do you think a bodybuilder is only Ped´s? Think again

    Is so easy to understand how training is so important when you see the biggest athletes training ( Ronnie, Dorian , Dallas Mc Carver, Nick Walker ) . If the anabolics is the secret why this top...
  8. Basic rule when you begin using gear : start...

    Basic rule when you begin using gear : start shredded and you can do this natural or with only little anavar and clenbuterol , then when you achieve less than 10% you can begin a cycle. if you begin...
  9. No doubt , the level bodybuilding achieve today...

    No doubt , the level bodybuilding achieve today is impossible to compete natty , even mens physique now are so big like a bodybuilder in the 70´s and even them are using lots of hgh and slin ,...
  10. Natural you can achieve amazing quality but never...

    Natural you can achieve amazing quality but never be big and shredded , but mostly because is strength is not normal as natural person .
  11. Today is almost a necessity for people ( actors...

    Today is almost a necessity for people ( actors to look good for movies , singers ) , this big names use alot hgh and some anabolics . Athletes in those days are breaking records even on training...
  12. Yes trenbolone is amazing yes but alot of sides...

    Yes trenbolone is amazing yes but alot of sides and more dangerous is he messes alot with your head . So is like the acne if you are prone to , using tren you will have more , if you are a rage...
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    Best peptides to get shredded?

    Best Peptides to get shredded
    Right now we have many peptides on market but most of them increase hunger and also spike insulin , so not good to a cutting or pre contest phase. The only 2...
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    Do you want to be a freak?

    Want to be a freak? You're in luck. I'm drunk and going to tell you but let's face it. You don't really want this do you? Want to be a FREAK?


    Want the girls dropping thier jaw when...
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    HGH 191aa vs 192aa

    HGH 191aa vs 192aa

    The 191aa is the purest gh you can get , because is identical to what your body produces. All the pharma grade gh is 191aa and this is one of the biggest reasons pharma hgh...
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    Understand PIP and what to do to reduce it

    Some people think PIP is not good , but is a great sign your gear is good and strong ( even pharma grade Testoviron from Bayer in my local pharmacy give a huge PIP)

    What causes (non infection...
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    After only 3 days my weight is 110,6kg +1,6kg and...

    After only 3 days my weight is 110,6kg +1,6kg and the pump i get training back was INSANE ( i never fell that before in 24 years of training ) and i fell pumped all day .
    I never in my life could...
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    Im using this combo and loving it

    Im using this combo and loving it
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    Freak Qtropin + Insubolic Logo

    I receive my package friday 19-03-2021 and i start using it Monday 22 March 2021
    Date:22-03-2021 Weight:109kg

    Qtropin 15ius 5 days week ( workout days )
    Insubolic 250mcg before and...
  20. Thread: Freak

    by Freak.


    Im new here and very happy to be part of this family . I live bodybuilding 24/7 . I have all i have because of bodybuilding and i give my life for this amazing sport .
    Im bodybuilder for 24 years,...
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