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  1. Thread: Music Thread

    by The Admin
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  3. Your Fitness or Supplement Brand Needs to Be Omnipresent

    by Matt Weik In today’s digital world, your fitness or supplement brand needs to be reaching out and touching as many people as you can. For the longest time, fitness and supplement brands have been...
  4. Will Hadi Choopan Really Sue RX Muscle?

    by Christian Duque When the news that The Persian Wolf, Hadi Choopan, was adamant about taking RXMuscle to court over comments made regarding his physique, it sent shockwaves throughout the sport of...
  5. Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann indicted for allegedly lying to FBI

    Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann indicted for allegedly lying to FBI during Russia investigation

    A federal grand jury returned an indictment sought by sought by Special Counsel John Durham...
  6. Should YOU Have CHEAT MEALS on a DIET?
  7. Phenol-rich diet improves ailing immune system

    Phenol-rich diet improves ailing immune system
    An ailing immune system will work better as the amount of phenols in the diet increases. This is apparent from an animal study that Spanish biologists...
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  9. Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Gummies: Endless Uses?

    by Matt Weik I’m always on the lookout for products that can check several boxes. Being that I run multiple businesses, a house full of three insanely energetic kids under the age of seven, and then...
  10. Another Blackstone Labs defendant pleads guilty

    Another one of the defendants in the Blackstone Labs steroids enforcement action pleaded guilty in a Florida court recently.

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    Sublingual Anavar And Anadrol
  13. Iain Valliere’s Wife and IFBB Figure Pro Busted for Steroids?

    by Matt Weik Here we go again. Golf clap for the authorities. Good job GI Joe, you saved a menace from roaming the streets, being a harm to everyone in her path. The way the media ran with this...
  14. Bring Back the Bulk and Cut! Required Phases for a Big, Lean Body

    Required Phases for a Big, Lean Body

    To build muscle or prepare to get on stage, bodybuilders will bulk and cut. These phases are dedicated to one goal at a time. Either you’re dieting to shed...
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  16. 50 Cent Trolls Shirtless Picture Of Vin Diesel On A Yacht

  17. Melissa Bumstead Arrested On Felony Charges For Allegedly Importing Steroids

    Figure competitor and influencer Melissa Bumstead has reportedly been arrested for importing steroids

    Melissa Bumstead is known for being an IFBB Figure athlete and social media influencer, among...
  18. What More Can Be Done to Protect the Health of Americans?

    by Matt Weik My mind doesn’t shut off, and as a writer, I am constantly finding myself taking notes on topics that I want to write about that can help protect the health of Americans. However, I feel...
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    this guy ran an aas site?

    this guy ran an aas site?
  21. Thread: Dog People

    by The Admin

    wow, old thread.

    wow, old thread.
  22. Amazon boosts average starting pay to $18 an hour for 125,000 new hires

    Amazon said on Tuesday it is boosting its average starting wage to $18 an hour for 125,000 new hires in the U.S., in jobs in transportation and fulfillment. Some locations are also offering sign-on...
  23. in the video they say the cost is $5 billion.

    in the video they say the cost is $5 billion.
  24. Amazon's New $2.5 Billion Headquarters
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    'SNL' alum Norm Macdonald dead at 61

    The comedian was privately battling cancer.

    Norm Macdonald, known for his time on "Saturday Night Live," has died, Fox News can confirm. He was 61 years old.

    According to Deadline, the comedian...
  26. Jay Cutler Will Be Part Of International Sports Hall Of Fame Class of 2021

    Jay Cutler will receive the honor after his legendary career in bodybuilding.

    Jay Cutler put together a legendary career as a bodybuilder and he will be honored for his accomplishments. Cutler...
  27. The Reason So Many Bodybuilders Die Early

    The Numbers Keep Adding Up. Why?

    It’s really weird, but I haven’t had all that much experience with death in my personal life. Sure, my parents died after relatively long lives, one close friend...
  28. 7 Unhealthy Foods That Are Surprisingly Good For You

    Dietary Myths That Need Busted

    When it comes to health, it often feels like nothing is simple. There seems to be a never-ending stream of conflicting recommendations from a number of health...
  29. Diuretics Are An Instant Danger And Can Kill You Right Away

    Dr. Testosterone details why diuretics and insulin are the two most dangerous drugs used in bodybuilding.

    Dr. George Touliatos, aka Dr. Testosterone, has often been outspoken about his support for...
  30. This is the effect of a keto diet on Alzheimer's patients

    This is the effect of a keto diet on Alzheimer's patients
    A low-carbohydrate diet improves the memory of healthy people. Does this mean that a ketogenic diet has a positive effect on Alzheimer's...
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