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  1. Jens Dalsgaard on meeting Rich Piana & what 5% stands for (part 6)
  2. Jens Dalsgaard on if his children can have face tattoos. (part 5)
  3. Jens Dalsgaard on if his children can have face tattoos. (part 5)
  4. Jens Dalsgaard on the strangest reaction he got from people seeing him. (part 4)
  5. Jens Dalsgaard on if he hesitated on getting face tattoos (part 3)
  6. He sure is! and humble!

    He sure is! and humble!
  7. Jens Dalsgaard on his criminal past and how he uses it to inspire others. (part 2)
  8. Jens Dalsgaard on 19 years of training, goals & bodybuilding competition. (part 1)
  9. Ulisses Williams Jr on starting working out with Kai Greene (part 3)
  10. Olivier Richters on getting approached everyday for a photo. (part 12)
  11. Ulisses Williams Jr on his personal life, Ulisses BioTech Series, Uappareal. (part 2)
  12. Jimmy Lewin on not wanting to compete because he thinks it's not a sport. (part 4)
  13. Olivier Richters on making changes to his house because of his height. (part 11)
  14. Ulisses Williams Jr on his passion for training. (part 1)
  15. Jimmy Lewin on starting to work out to get girls (part 3)
  16. Olivier Richters on if he will pass his giantness to his childeren. (part 10)
  17. Simeon Panda on who inspires him, strenght, competing & ''Just Lift''. (part 2)
  18. Jimmy Lewin on their nutrition brand ''Base'' & ''Lewin Fitness Platform''. (part 2)
  19. Olivier Richters on if growing extreme tall comes with any health problems. (part 9)
  20. Simeon Panda on how he started, his physique & diet. (part 1)
  21. Jimmy Lewin on being the guy behind Michelle Lewin (part 1)
  22. Olivier Richters on his choice if he could grow 10 cm or shrink 10 cm. (part 8)
  23. Roelly Winklaar on doing a backflip with his weight & motivational words. (part 15)
  24. Michelle Lewin on her goals, inspirations, family & tattoos. (part 2)
  25. Olivier Richters on how it feels to be so tall & meeting people taller than him. (par
  26. Roelly Winklaar: "You don't need a lot a mass to win the show". (part 14)
  27. Michelle Lewin on motivating people around the world. (part 1)
  28. Olivier Richters on what he did to get into the movie industry. (part 6)
  29. Roelly Winklaar on giving all his food away to poor childeren (part 13)
  30. India Paulino on not being startruck when she met Arnold Schwarznegger. (part 14)
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