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  1. Awesome, thanks Caedus. :)

    Awesome, thanks Caedus. :)
  2. Thanks caedus, found your post helpful. I about...

    Thanks caedus, found your post helpful. I about the point where I would start an AAS, although I am going to cut a little more fat first. My aim was to go on clen for a short while for that purpose...
  3. Thread: L-Taurine

    by Npderi


    Hi guys,

    I am planning a simple cutting cycle with clen soon (in a different post I made, still waiting on some feedback). Although, I've started taking L-Taurine to prevent the dreaded...
  4. Just so you all know, I haven't started on...

    Just so you all know, I haven't started on anything yet other than adding L-Taurine to my regular supps of creatine, whey, and vitamins. I've read articles on the site, but don't want to do anything...
  5. *** bump. Anyone? Is it that I am just being...

    *** bump. Anyone?

    Is it that I am just being too cautious, and not going the TEST route first time around? I do realise my anavar cycle might be too short, so any feedback is appreciated.
  6. @BIGBEN2011: I haven't done anything yet, so...

    @BIGBEN2011: I haven't done anything yet, so like I said, I am fresh at this, any advice would be greatly appreciated. How should I modify what I am doing?

    ** I'd like to note as well, the...
  7. First timer, clen then anavar at some point.

    Hi Guys,
    I am a first timer, and have done some research prior to starting anything. I've been training for some time, and my BF% has dropped. I would like it to drop down to about 8% however...
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    Confusion about DHT

    Hey guys, I have a question about DHT, and it's really confusing me because a lot of the literature I've come across indicates that DHT is a bad form of testosterone, yet some of the pro-hormone...
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    Awesome. Thanks guys for the encouragement. ...

    Awesome. Thanks guys for the encouragement. I'll read more within the nutrition and training boards, and post as I go along. I'll have get used to the idea of injectables I suppose, I have yet...
  10. Thread: Hi everyone

    by Npderi

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone,

    I just recently signed up for the boards, although I've been reading a lot of what's on the site.

    I'm glad there's a site like this, as a "newbie" it's a little daunting trying to...
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    New to this, and being safe.

    Hello everyone,

    I've spent a fair deal of time doing research, checking sources, and reading the threads posted on online forums, but I still have a few questions regarding taking a first cycle...
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