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    Cheap online lab tests?

    I have been comparing a few and seem to be the cheapest so far. All over the US.
  2. Testosterone Replacement Side Effect Management Table

    Hey guys

    Here is a good summary of potential side effects and what to do about them:
  3. Great Lecture on Optimum Testosterone Replacement by Nelson Vergel

    Nelson is the author of Testosterone: A Man's Guide (available on

    I enjoyed his video. Very comprehensive.

    Testosterone Replacement Therapy - YouTube

    He also had a previous one...
  4. How to Prevent and reverse Testicular Shrinkage While on Testosterone or Anabolics

    Great link with detailed info
    Testosterone: A Man's Guide: The Use of HCG to Increase Testicular Size and Sex Drive While on Testosterone Replacement Therapy
  5. Nelson Vergel's blog is very good and contains...

    Nelson Vergel's blog is very good and contains details on TRT management and options: Testosterone: A Man's Guide

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    Yes. many compounding pharmacies have...

    Yes. many compounding pharmacies have directories, but few send you a health questionnaire. They are probably linked to a specific clinic that works via telemedicine
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