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Direct arm work / Belt when deadlifting

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    Direct arm work / Belt when deadlifting

    alright folks

    was wondering what you guys think on these two points.

    i do full body workouts and was pondering whether or not its worth while doing direct arm work aswell as 5 compound movements and i was reading an article on the main site that was saying you should always wear a weight belt when deadlifting. ive never used a weight belt when doing the deadlift maybe naively because i always wanted to keep any strength gains my own. basically i didnt want to have to put a belt on everytime i wanted to lift something heavy. i justed want to know what you guys think to it belt or no belt


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    About the belt - I wouldn't use it except when you're going for really big lifts. You'll probably be the best judge of when to use it - if you don't feel as comfortable with the weight you're attempting, you may want to use it.

    As for the arm work, I do a fullbody routine 3x per week. I do 3 sets of direct bicep work (BB curls) and 3 sets of direct tricep work (tri extensions) per week. To me, that's enough, because the compound movements I'm doing stimulate those muscles heavily.

    But you know your body and your goals, so you have to adjust what you do based on that. If you think you can stand a bit more volume than that, you can add more sets. It all depends on your goals and your body.

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    i really dont like a belt at all, it feels weird.

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