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    Whooping Cough

    It's still out there. The vaccine you got as a kid does not last forever. It might be wise to ask your doc for a shot.

    I hardly ever get a cold or flu. My wife gets them, the kids get them and I don't.

    The wife got sick and 10 days later I felt one coming so I went to the doc within hours. They did a swab test and it came up negative for the flu. Home I went with no worry. It got worse over a week and was stronger than any cold of flu I've had. Went back to the doc told her about it and about my wife's continuing cough. The doc gave me a Z Pak.

    I missed almost three weeks in the gym and lost mass. I'm over it now(kind of) but each night I have coughing fits as does my wife. She gets them so bad she pukes sometimes. The coughing fits may last days or months.

    I wished I knew about this infection before it got me. Anyway, now you know.

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    It is now part of the tetnaus vaccine, called dtap, if you haven't had the tetnus in ten years go get revaccinated and it automatically includes the pertussis or whooping cough vaccine.
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    I had a friend who had this, kind of weird

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