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Full body and split workout

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    Full body and split workout

    For the past while i've been doing a split workout
    and recently i wanted to change things up so i started doing a full body workout for the past month which is doing me really good. To me the full body workout gives you a big pump and lets you work out each muscle group 3 times a week but on a split i fill like i'm concentrating on that one muscle group way more than a full body. What do you guys think of doing a full body workout one week and a split the next and just alternating them every week? I figured if you do this it will keep your muscles guessing and perhaps really, work do you guys think?

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    the best thing to keep your muscles guessing is to just keep progressing, that would be done through some form of periodization, there is tons of info on that in the stickies. once you have actually hit a plateau, then it would be time to change things up, in my opinion. but as long as you have a program set up properly and are messing around with the variables (i.e. rest time, sets, reps, tempo, % of 1RM, etc...) you should be seeing progress.

    as for rotating from a split to a FB workout every week, I don't think that would be a good idea, seeing as though it would be hard to see how well you are really progressing. but that's just my opinion. stick with one, write a balanced routine (don't hit each muscle group 3 times week with a FB, that's a fair bit), set it up so you are always progressing and post it, the others will be around to critique it.

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