Hi there everyone,

I'm actually still working on losing the extra fat I have accumulated over the years..

Recently, I've had so much to deal with.. After a couple years of self image/esteem damage and failed attempts at everything, I'm getting my strength back up -and the fat loss and training is surely helping much!-

Now that I have re-organized my life's goals, here is something...

When I first entered a gym for fat loss 4-5 years ago, I did very well and I formed the dream of shaking hands with the terminator which I have idolized since I watched Terminator 2 hundreds of times.

I will be done with my cutting phase in two more months.. I will then start bulking and this will mark the true beginning for me..

I want to FOCUS my goals on Arnold Classic, Mr. Olympia, and all other notable competitions. I want to learn so much about them, their history, their rules, and everything I need to know to be there, on stage, in front of the whole world.

Any good informative links, motivational, anything I should start learning so I get a clear picture of what to "BE" for the next few years to get a good chance of entering Arnold's..

I'm very good with diet and exercise, and I feel like nutritionist and a personal trainer because of reading around here for hours everyday..

Now what I need is, what is the natural trail of becoming a world recognized bodybuilder?

Sorry if this seems to silly to ask, the fact that there's so much information on the internet sometimes makes it hard to find information!