Steroids and Fertility..!

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    Steroids and Fertility..!

    A quick couple of questions i have is... do steriods lower your fertility levels and decrease your chances of having a child..?
    Also do they have side effects if i was using steroids and my Girlfriend fell pregnant, for example birth defects and such..?
    Should i wait untill we have our second child before i think about using steroids..?

    If you can help on any of these questions then please let me know..!


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    It is very unlikely that you will become infertile unless you are a nonstop heavy user for many years. Also, I'm unaware of any offspring having a defect from a parent's AAS use.

    Testicular atrophy can lead to one becoming sterile if you are not careful. Again, it's very unlikely. I know guys with 3 kids that never go off.


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