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Ramadan on the way, what to do?

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    Ramadan on the way, what to do?

    I'm no religious man but I'm truly excited for this year's Ramadan.. For those who don't know, Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims in which people fast from sunrise to sundown

    I'm quitting smoking for good, I'm preparing physically "limiting smoking to 3 times a day" and mentally to through away all ashtrays and traces of tobacco out of my life..

    So, I'm using the strict 1 month fasting to quit smoking.. I'm planning to make this month "PERFECT".. I'm focusing on meditation, detox (for the mind and body), re-evaluating myself and where I am right now and where I'm going..

    Would I still be able to do all the fasting+quitting smoking and still be able to keep cutting? (244lb-200lb since late Feb)
    I'm at ~16% body fat now

    What do you think of the following?
    - 1st Meal: (3 eggs, 2 whole grain slices, home made orange juice)
    - Meditation, followed by 30 mins of cardio.
    - 2nd Meal: (Grilled chicken breast+ bowl of white rice+orange juice)
    - Meditation, followed by 60 mins of weight training.
    - 3rd Meal: Protein Shake.
    - 5th Meal: (Just before sunrise,, what would be best to eat to prepare for 12 hour fasting until sundown?)

    Well, this is really what I have in mind.. I'm not sure when it would be optimal to eat what..

    I'm leaving this to you guys, shoot me

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    Yes. Eat below maintenance and consume all your daily calories in the permitted hours.

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    something wrong with vegetables during Ramadan? Where's your fiber? A detox with no vegetables is almost a paradox.

    Plus you need to count your calories.

    kudos on the quitting smoking thing. thing you could do.
    Ban 2 1/2 's !!!!!!
    Some Oooold Pics. All Natural. More to come soon...Still all natural

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