Newbie, Hey everyone!

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    Newbie, Hey everyone!

    Hey guys, Im new to this forum and in search of some info...Here is my current "supplement stack" Any suggestions, criticisms, or ideas are greatly appreciated.

    First, heres a bit about me. I am 33 y.o. male, have trained pretty regularly most of my life, a bit soft, 18% bodyfat, 225lbs, 6' ,training 5 days a week. Morning run or biking, evening resistance training. In the last two weeks have really cleaned up my diet, consisting of 5 meals a day of whole foods, all natural, if it hasnt been around for at least 200 years I dont eat it. Last week got my family Doctor to prescribe me test cyp, i am doing 400mg a week, along with cem products.

    I have never really used supplements much except 15yrs ago when I played football in college, and I now things have changed alot. Here is my current supplement stack...

    Nitro Core 24 upon waking, post workout and before bedtime, 1 scoop.

    Super Pump 250 pre-workout.

    Animal pack upon waking and post workout.

    I am also using CEM products "Stane", and their "Thermo Plus Kit" which is cle, keto, and t3.

    So far I feel reall good. My goal is to really tighten up, I am satisfied where I am muscle wise, sure everyone wants more, but primarily I want to drop Bf asap...any feedback is appreciated.

    MODS... I hope I posted this in the right place, if not, excuse my ignorance.


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