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Bulking : gain of mass

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    Bulking : gain of mass


    Age: 26
    Tall: 6'4
    Weight: 207
    Bodyfat: around 12%
    Goal: building muscle
    Maintenance: 2700-2800

    I'm bulking and put my diet at:

    Cal: 3300
    prot: 200 or more
    carb: 200 or more
    fat: 100 tryning to stay around 95

    My start weight : 205.03 ( August 13th)
    My current weight : 213.63 ( September 9th)

    My goal is to go to 231 lbs and then to stabilize for a while to build a maximum of lean mass.

    What do you think?

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    Im to am 26, 6'3 and 170lbs but after 8 weeks of a similier diet I'd actually lost weight. Im hitting 4900+ kcals a day now and im putting on a lb a week so far. So in answer I'd say it's more a case of a trial and error.
    You need to make sure your eating every 2-3 hours and don't shy away from the good fats.
    What's a typical days diet???

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    LOL I'm not an expert but I think what you're saying sucks

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