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HI new bloke with shoulder nerve damaged

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    Question HI new bloke with shoulder nerve damaged

    Dear all just joined but reading on here for months.
    Hi my name is Richard 34yrs old I live in Leeds, England. trained on and off for the last 7 years my stats are approx now only 140 @ 5"9 (not done anything in the last year . really got focused on lifting again was planning to do compound only training. due to the fact i slipped in the bath landed on my shoulder . trapped a nerve there is no muscle nothing on my shoulder having physio and met a specialist this morning he says 18 months more of rehab.NO pain anymore at all & have full ROM back.I'm no longer taking any painkillers or in any sleep aids).
    REALLY want to get lifting but do not want want to do any further /longtime damage.
    I'm was thinking about the squat and deadlift mainly due to the fact i know they work and i like them (well not the squating but i know it works) but adding core training to this for a full body workout, but no bench or anything shoulder isolation .
    could anyone comment on my ideas for still training without further damage
    thankyou in advance

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    I know this may sound stupid, but work your shoulders! I blew out my shoulder in college playing football and suffered nerve damage. U have to continue to work your shoulders. Use light weights to start. You have to keep your range of motion up as well as your strength.
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