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    Okay so a few years ago I was young and stupid. Still am young, but im done with being stupid. Kids i went to high school with all took pro hormones I guess it was the thign to do at the time or whatever and Stupidly at 17 i took a pro hormone. I didnt PCT and then luckily nothing happened to me physically that i knew of.

    I figured i could get away with doing it again and a year later at 18 i did the exact same thing. Well a few months later i came to regret it, because i developed a small case of gynecomastia. Well after listening to a friend of mine who is very smart with anabolics (not sure how smart he really is anymore) i took the same pro hormone again and tried to PCT the proper way he suggested that if i did this then it would cure the gyno.

    It cured it but then it came back and now it is back nad worse than before. On the right side it is not very big but it is very tender, on the left side it is pretty big not like a golf ball or anything id say like a grape size but it is not as tender as my right nipple.

    recently i been experiencing some trouble sexually. i will only be able to sustain an erection for about 15 minutes then it gradually goes limp, although quickly ican get it erect again and perform another 5-10 minutes before i decide to ejaculate.

    I'm 20 now and im a little smarter than i was at 18 and 17...thats why before i go to a doctor and embarrass myself to my physician im seeking advice from people who are legit and knwo what they are talking about. Someone adviced me to take a anti estrogen and it would fix it, idk how legit that sounds and im not about to take any more supplements and risk more problems than i already have.

    I should have a good natural level of testosterone since i play football in college and i work out regularly.

    Im beginning to think that i do have a lower level of test though because of my sexual performance and because of my lack of muscle mass production with my amount of exercise. I lift and take weight gainers and protein shakes all summer, but it only ammounted to 3 pounds of gain.

    can anybody give me any kind of advice. Becausei m thinking about just going to the doctor and talking about surgery for the gyno...if that doesnt help with my erections THEN i will talk to a doctor about that but im just goign to be really embarrassed doing that i already know it. i apologize for the length of this thread but i felt i needed to get all the information out on the table so i could be helped sufficiantly
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    my quick "self help" answer would be to start a PCT cycle of Clomid, however there definitely could be other issues.
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    Gyno has absolutely no effect on your sexual life. It is formed tissue, not a hormone traveling through your blood system. Removing your gyno isn't going to change your sex life, just like having breast implants wouldn't effect a womens sexual drive... biologically.

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