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GNC Introduces Clinically Tested ViraBLOC

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    Post GNC Introduces Clinically Tested ViraBLOC

    GNC Introduces Clinically Tested ViraBLOC

    GNC has announced the introduction of its latest immune health product, ViraBLOC(R). ViraBLOC is a clinically tested immune defense product based on patent-pending elderberry extract from HerbalScience Group and is now available nationwide through GNC.

    The latest clinical study on ViraBLOC complements other clinical studies on the immune system benefits of elderberry extract. According to Randall S. Alberte, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of HerbalScience Group and one of the authors of the published study, "Our studies on HerbalScience's proprietary elderberry extract have allowed us to identify and characterize the key flavonoids, (plant nutrients with known health benefits), and to verify how the flavonoids provide a benefit in supporting the immune system."

    "GNC customers look to us to help them Live Well," said Guru Ramanathan, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Innovation at GNC. "ViraBLOC's fast-acting soothing lozenges are easy to take. But more than that, ViraBLOC is formulated with patent-pending elderberry extract and backed by the results of a clinical study that demonstrated significant improvements across all measured markers of immune health in only two days compared to a placebo."

    "ViraBLOC is the right product at the right time," said Beth Kaplan, GNC President and Chief Merchandising/Marketing Officer. "Elderberry extract has been recognized as a natural boost to the immune system for hundreds of years. What GNC has done is provide these benefits in an easy-to-take lozenge form that incorporates a clinically proven, patent-pending ingredient."

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    I'm actually very impressed with this move. Strong science behind elderberry.
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    sambucol has been out a little longer and has substantial feedback, as well as a few studies that support it

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    though in an "emergency" GNC would probably only be 30 minutes away for most US readers on this board
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    Interesting. Very curious to see how this pans out in the real world.

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