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Experts Weigh in on Calorie Lists on Menus, Despite ?Mixed? Science

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    Post Experts Weigh in on Calorie Lists on Menus, Despite ?Mixed? Science

    Experts Weigh in on Calorie Lists on Menus, Despite “Mixed” Science Washington, DC – Scientific uncertainty exists about the benefits of requiring restaurants to prominently display calorie information on menu boards in the US, but key researchers in the field say that the obesity problem is so great that society needs to act now to increase [...]


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    I find the new nutrition menu to be the best addition to any menu. Im always wondering if i should add something to my diet, or if its okay to go to this food joint for a quick grab. This allows me to make the best possible choice for a quick snack, which i rarely do. Its amazing the hidden calories found in food. Butter saturated vegetables, etc...

    Now for everyone else, they wont even notice it. A person that wants a big mac isnt going to look at a nutition menu, they will just order the big mac. Its only good for people that care about the food they put in their mouths.

    It works for me, dont care if others dont use it.
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