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response for: "why do people eat all that food and then drink a diet coke"

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    response for: "why do people eat all that food and then drink a diet coke"

    I am curious what everyone thinks of that typical "joke" that goes something like "Why do people order all that food and get a diet soda with it."

    Whenever I hear this being said, I am intrigued. If the person is telling it to make fun of the person for thinking that the Diet Coke will offset the calories eaten in the food then yeah, I can see that making sense.

    But usually this is not how the joke is meant. It is usually said by a borderline chubby person who likes to drink regular soda... as if to mock the person for drinking diet soda. I'll give you an example: I am eating a few slices of pizza as a cheat meal and washed it down with a Diet Coke. My friend, who is slightly chubby and does not know a thing about fitness or nutrition, drops the line. I wanted to jump down his throat for his ignorance.

    So my question is: what is your response when you hear something like this? Clearly there is merit to encouraging the consumption of diet soda (at least over regular soda) as it does not contain sugar or empty calories... and typically this joke is told by those ignorant of dieting in the first place.

    I almost want to list all the reasons why simple sugar is bad for you... but there are too many reasons to count, let alone remember.

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    Just laugh and say something like wanting to spread our your cancer risk.

    Seriously, choose your battles. You won't win this one and you'll just get irritated.
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    Well it's better than eating pizza AND drinking 200 empty calories on top of it from regular soda.

    While the fat friend has 2 cans of regular pop and you have the diet (even while having pizza) you save 400 empty calories,which adds up to a lot throughout the day/week etc.
    Those extra calories over a period of time is what is making your friend chubby.
    So he cat shut his fat face.At least you are making smarter choices and making an effort to be healthier and dtake care of your body.


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    because im watching what im eating

    If iced tea is not an option then i get a diet coke. I personally HATE the idea of drinking my calories.

    I do understand what you are saying, and like built said you wont win this one. Maybe the obese feel its their way of doing something good for their body. They normally up there food intake to compensate for the diet soda though.

    For you consuming the diet soda with pizza is fine(i do this when i go to...COSTCO). I say stick it to your friend the right way. Get buffed and ripped then tell him your supplement with diet coke.

    PS. even better, only eat nasty looking greasy pizza, pasta, fast food around this one friend(cheat meal days) then the rest of them time do your regular diet eating healthy. Then tell him you dont see why he is fat, you guys eat the same thing.
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