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Muscle Related To Age

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    Muscle Related To Age

    My friend told me that I was a good age to build muscle. I didn't know what he meant by that at first. He said you can't build muscle as fast when you are in your 30's. Is this true? I figured most people could build muscle until they were in their 50's or older. Anyone have any information this?

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    well it's certainly easier to build muscle when youre a 17 year old walking testosterone shot. You can "build muscle" at any age.
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    I think what your friend meant was that at your age your body is fully grown into your man body (vs. teenage body of a 17-24 man, some grow faster some not) anyway the thing about testosterone is true you have less testosterone than a 17 but this shouldn't stop you from having great workout and seeing great gains.

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    Yeah, your teens and twenties will be the best muscle building years of your life, all else being equal. However, you can certainly increase lean body mass later in life as well.
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