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Weight during period

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    Weight during period

    I have been told that when a woman gets her period it affects her weight. I want to know your thoughts about this, is this going to really affect my weight?

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    Is what going to affect your weight? What kind of weight do you mean here - fat weight, muscle weight, or water weight?
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    lol....yea we're waiting. Of course many women bloat and hold extra water. Thats temporary. Otherwise calories in vs caloris out for the weight I THINK you're most concerned with.
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    I gain anything upto 6lb on the scale at that time of the month and it's quite visable sitting on my abbs

    It used t drive me crazy these days it doesn't worry me because i know it's all just water and it disappear's as soon as that time of the month ends.

    Actually i know it's kinda wierd but hey im a weird girl, but ive got the point where i like i like the fluctation when im cutting. it's like this crazy little suprise there is no point weighing that week because i know i can't tell shit from what the scale says so i have to wait abit longer before i can weigh so the drop tends to be kinda drastic in a good way.

    Tbh it's tom atm for me i was 115lb before it hit, 118lb this morning but i've got about another 3-4days before i can truely see if i've lost some fat over the past few weeks. I was told once that your metabalism is slightly higher at that time the month, i don't know if it's true but it often seems that way as i seem to do some of my best cutting during it and i won't be suprised if my weight hits 112lb when the water finally vanish's.

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