Okay, i have had the T-mobile Sidekick for the past 4 years. I pay only $29.99 a month for AIM, email and unlimited texting. I cut off voice and internet.

Lately, the phone has been breaking down and barely works anymore. I am looking to get a new phone but am basically a newbie when it comes to looking at these more advanced, high-tech phones with a million applications on it. I don't need all of that and am not interested in paying a lot of money for it.

So, my primary needs when it comes to looking for the right phone is unlimited text messaging, email, AIM and i would like to add the internet as well. The problem is that most phones these days have a voice plan based on how many minutes are used. I never talk on the phone. I also want to try the touchscreen and QWERTY keypad but not sure if i can that is at least $40 bucks or cheaper.

Most of the phones these days such as the Blackberry Storm or Iphone are great but it's too expensive. I'm basically looking for a smaller version of it at a reasonable price and looked at the Samsung Omnia phone but heard/read a lot of bad reviews about it.

I'm looking more toward Verizon but i don't mind trying out AT&T or Sprint. I am done with T-mobile because i get no service where i work and it's important that i do. Any help at all would be great and provide a link if you have any suggestions so i can look at it.

The maximum price I'd be willing to pay is about $50/mo but I'm trying to settle for the $30-40 range.