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Study documents an association of steroid abuse and coronary artery calcification

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    Study documents an association of steroid abuse and coronary artery calcification

    This is the first study that has documented an
    association of steroid abuse and coronary artery
    calcification in steroid abusers. Several large studies
    have indicated that coronary artery calcium is a
    major risk factor for coronary events, and a recent,
    large prospective study reported that coronary
    calcium predicts coronary disease events independently
    of, and more accurately than, standard risk
    factors.12,14,15 The fact that these relatively young
    study patients developed early coronary arteriosclerosis
    may have significant health and social implications.
    We would expect that premature coronary
    events will occur in similar steroid abusers. Due
    to the rampant abuse of steroids from high school
    sports to the now well publicized abuse by professional
    sports figures, we may expect an increase in
    cardiac events in otherwise healthy athletes when
    they reach their late 30s to mid-40s.
    In summary, long-term steroid abuse is associated
    with an increased risk of coronary arteriosclerosis as
    measured by increased coronary calcium seen with
    electron beam computed tomographic imaging. We
    hope that this study will now bring to light the clear
    cardiovascular risk of steroid abuse and perhaps discourage
    future athletes from using steroids. However,
    due to the small number of subjects in this pilot project,
    further large-scale studies are warranted.

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    I hate my arteries anyway.....

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