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Just Starting: P/L/P or full body

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    Just Starting: P/L/P or full body

    Hey guys,

    Im just getting back into the gym and beginning to craft my routine that will begin next week.... Should i start off with a full body routine with one of each type of movements:

    1 horiz push, 1 vert push
    1 horiz pull, 1 vert pull
    1 push leg movement (squats)
    1 pull leg movement (RDL)

    then move to something movement specific after a few weeks? (and what is that timeline?)
    Or should i just jump into a push leg pull spread out of the gate?

    And why?


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    I prefer fullbody workouts to be honest. Depends on your goals of course, but I've always felt that fullbody workouts are more effective for athletic performance.

    You don't even need to complicate things with horizontal/vertical IMO. Just push something, pull something, and do something for your legs. You can vary vertical/horizontal or quad/ham dominant by the day. For example, if you train 3 times a week, perhaps you bench press 2 of those days and military press 1 of them.

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    gtbmed, you have a point, although what lithlith suggests is basic and appropriate.
    lithlith, that's what I would do, personally. I have that basic setup, with vids, in the link on my sig on "getting started".
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