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Dave Palumbo & Co. denied full access to Phoenix Pro show

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    Post Dave Palumbo & Co. denied full access to Phoenix Pro show

    Dave Palumbo & Co. denied full access to Phoenix Pro show
    by Anthony Roberts

    This past weekend at the 2010 IFBB Phoenix Pro Show, Dave Palumbo and company were denied full video access to the event. The story breaks down like this:

    Dave had paid for sponsorship of the show through his company, Species Nutrition. Dave also owns, and his understanding was apparently that he’d be given full access to the show. The promoter, Striker Solomon, had sold the full video rights (backstage and on-stage) to Muscular Development. Typically a nutritional company would not care about video rights being included in their “all access” package, and normally the people the video rights had been sold to wouldn’t be the former employer of said nutritional company. So this is kind of a weird situation all the way around.

    Well, Dave had been filming the show and (*as the story goes) Shawn Ray reported back to his boss, Steve Blechman (*owner of MD), who then made a phone call or two, and had Dave’s video rights partially revoked, relegating him to filming his interviews and video segments anywhere but backstage or on-stage.

    In the end though, Shawn’s phone calls to his boss came too late, as Dave had filmed nearly everything of interest, and only had to finish a few wrap-up interviews (*which were then awkwardly done in a storage room or hallway or something).

    Still, it makes Shawn look like a bit of a b!tch for complaining. And, in truth, the guy who was running the show could have been a bit more prepared for incidences like this, when he knows MD and RxMuscle/Species will both be there.

    There were about 4k empty seats at this particular show, judging by the stories I’m hearing, so this was far from a packed venue. Ticket Prices for the best seats were about $200 and the general admission seats were $75 – you can go see the Yankees for those kinds of prices, and it’s pretty difficult to get family and friends to pony up that kind of loot in this economy. A new bodybuilding show needs all of the coverage it can muster, especially when they’re charging outrageous prices, and with shows like the Iron Man being canceled, this kind of infighting only hurts everyone.

    Everyone but me.

    I don’t give a f*ck about bodybuilding or any of the companies involved.

    But consider the athletes for a moment, and what they’d want…I’m sure that after 12-16 weeks of dieting, spending all of the money to enter a show, and getting up on stage, they’d want as much coverage as possible. They’d want as many pseud0-media outlets filming them, taking pictures, and interviewing them as they could get. I’m sure Shawn Ray would have wanted the same thing when he was still competing…In the end, although the argument could be made that Dave Palumbo and RxMuscle lost out on the deal (or that MD didn’t get the exclusive that they paid for) I really didn’t see any flaws with the videos Dave ultimately put up (except that he maybe over did the eyeliner he was wearing). The only people who lost out on this deal was the competitors, and since I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for steroid users (even goofball bodybuilders), I think that’s a shame.

    Dave Palumbo & co. denied full access to Phoenix Pro show | Anthony Roberts
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    Roberts loves to stir up some $#!t. lol

    Rx Muscle's video coverage of the event didn't seem to suffer at all.

    2010 IFBB Phoenix Pro Final Wrapup Video!

    And I forget which show it was... probably MD's No Bull, but Paul Dillett offered something like, "If you spend any time with Shawn Ray, you're eventually going to want to punch him in the face."

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