It's been years since I posted on these forums after being ejected from the ABC forums (I believe quite a few came here after the same occurrence - is DrPain still around? I can't remember their or anyone elses names..). Anyways, I've been out of the dedicated lifting circuit for about 5 years. I lost over 150lbs in my last two years of high school and built a quite impressive physique in that time. Sadly to say I ruined that body with smoking and drinking, working 80 hours a week and going to school. I did day laboring and even became a firefighter in that time but now reside in college (Poli Sci/Accounting major) and have free student access to our Rec facility and am ready to make another drastic change and will be using this log to record my progress.

Today will be the first day back training and I'm already excited for the strain I'll be feeling tomorrow. Full body workouts 2-3 on the weekdays, light cardio on the weekends for the first two weeks while I get back into my groove. I'm quitting cigarette's Monday (wish me luck!) and have just spent the remaineder of my student loan on a months worth of clean eating

This idea, this program I intend to follow begins next week, todays just the beginning.

2 week plan
Bent over rows 2x10-12
Flat DB Bench 2x10-12
Squat 2x8-10
DB Pullovers 2x12-15
Inc bench 2x10-12
SLDLs 2x10-12
Shoulder press 2x10-12
Cable curl 2x12-15
V-Grip pushdowns 2x10-12
Weighted sungods/shoulder rolls - to failure x2

Abs done on weekends with light, lengthy cardio
Let's do this

Edit: Any brothers from Delta Sigma Phi on here?