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2nd Cycle: Test-e, mast-e, winny ?

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    2nd Cycle: Test-e, mast-e, winny ?


    Current stats:
    26 years old, ~10% bf, ~90kg.

    Been working out for 4-5 years.

    I recently did a Sustanon cycle, with ~400mg or so a week, (250mg every 4th day) - for 8 weeks (It was supposed to be for 10 weeks, but I got some fake shit for my 2 last weeks). I also took 15mg dbol the 4 first weeks. I really liked what I gained.. Im currently done with PCT etc - and planning to do another cycle soon.

    Im in the 'research' phase atm..

    But what I am thinking about doing now, is the following:

    -500mg test-e e/w
    -400mg mast-e e/w
    - 50mg winstrol e/d

    I'll take this for 10 weeks, and the winny for 6-8 weeks (starting with the winny after 2 weeks or so).

    My 'goal' is basically to gain a couple of pounds of muscles, and get lower bf (I will of course have a good diet/do cardio).

    I might also take some clenbuterol during the cycle.

    Does this seem like a reasonable 2nd cycle ? Pro/cons ?

    I might add that I was thinking about taking tren-e instead of masteron, but after reading about it, it seems to be for more experienced users. I also want to take long acting esters because I really don't like to inject myself with needles every other day.

    For PCT I will take Nolvadex for 3 weeks.. 20mg every day.

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    I suggest using anavar in place of the winny. Other wise that's a lot of DHT and it's sides. Run the var between 50-100mg ed. A low dose of aromasin or AIFM should be added to this as well. Make sure you inject the enanthates at least twice a week.

    PCT is a little week IMO. I suggest HCG/clomid/aromasin.

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