hi guys, i've been on this board here and there. 2010 i decided on a resolution to gain 20lbs. i had mono last year and lost a great deal of weight. i am 6'5" and since 1/20 have been eating about 2500-3000 calories a day, although i slack off from time to time. i work out about 1.5 times a week now (started just 1 time a week). i wanted to post some pictures of my weight progression to see if anyone can tell a difference and if you have any advice just from looking at a picture or two (don't know if that's possible). it's not a huge difference and i'm probably as scrawny as they come on this website! my weight is below and the corresponding date/picture.


1.20.2010 - 171.5 lbs

3.31.2010 - 183 lbs