Donny Osmond poster found inserted inside fan

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    Post Donny Osmond poster found inserted inside fan

    Donny Osmond poster found inserted inside fan
    By Tim Oglethorpe

    Sickly-sweet American singer Donny Osmond will probably be horrified when he hears about this.

    One of the cases discussed by medics in the new series of BBC3's Bizarre ER - which starts next Monday - involves a woman with pain in a private area.

    Medical tests revealed the problem was a rolled-up poster of her idol, in all his 70s glory.

    We imagine Donny won't be visiting his fan...
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    Woman Admitted to Hospital with Donny Osmond Poster Stuck Up Her Vag

    As teasers for new TV series goes, this one takes the cake. Seriously, it’s got me ten times more intrigued than the ones they kept running for the premier of “Heroes” or the pilot episode of “Lost.” I mean, what could “Bizarre ER” be about except people with all manners of various objects lodged into different parts of themselves? If it were any other kind of medical emergency, they’d put in on the 150 other ER shows on TV. And as anyone you know who works in a hospital will tell you, there’s no limit to the things people will cram up inside their body cavities when the mood is right. I don’t think I have BBC3 at the moment but I’m calling Verizon Fios and demanding it, ASAP.

    Oh, and for the record, the chick with Donny Osmond up her snooch has to be at least 80 years old. They’re the only ones old enough to have liked him (trust me, no one who was under the age of 40 in the 70’s did), and the only age at which you’re not going to notice an entire poster shoved up there. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had her record player and her collection of Osmond Brothers LPs rattling around in her vajayjay too.

    From » Woman Admitted to Hospital with Donny Osmond Poster Stuck Up Her Vag

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