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was i burned out

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    was i burned out

    well i had been liftin for almost 8 months and my coach had us benchin 2 timnes a i went to just see how much i could lift last week and i was amazed after a mointh off i could lift more now than i could than it b./c i was burned out now i have a workout im doin w./ bench one time a week and gopro hooked me up so al i gotta say is hes awsome ill keep ya posted later

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    I have had that happen to me as well but in a different situation, I Bike alot (Down Hills not up em) due to circumstances beyond my control (Okay I headbutted a tree) I was unable to ride for approximatley 2 weeks, when I got back on bike I figured sheet here we go gotta retrain the legs a little, but on that particular day I rode farther, faster and climbed better than I ever have before, Had me thinking "W.T.F" so I am curious to here some educated feedback on the subject myself.
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