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What Can Bodybuilders Learn from a Doctor Without Real World Experience?

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    Post What Can Bodybuilders Learn from a Doctor Without Real World Experience?

    Ask Michael Scally: What Can Bodybuilders Learn from a Doctor Without Real World Experience?

    Doctors have developed the reputation in the athletic world for not knowing anything about the real world application of steroids.
    The reason is that bodybuilders and steroid users with real world experience, and I believe published scientific studies as well, know that muscular gains are dose dependent.The more steroids used, the greater the results in muscle gained. So why are you so cautious about steroid dosages?Certainly you’re correct in that the higher the dose of Testosterone Enanthate, the longer the suppression of the HPTA after the cycle is stopped. However, given that dosages in a hypothetical 400mg Testoviron Depot + 20mg Dianabol stack will be much higher than what you might recommend, the question is, how does one keep the maximum amount of muscular gains achieved during a cycle, upon cessation of that cycle.

    It is clear that the higher cumulative dose of anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS), the greater the effect overall on the muscle. But the question is how do I use AAS in the optimal manner to grow muscle. If one wishes to use all of the AAS possible, go ahead, but at what cost?

    The androgen receptor (AR) will upregualte with increasing AAS doses. After prescribing AAS to more patients than I can recall, a better combination is to use testosterone at a dose to maintain the positive androgenic effects (libido, energy, etc.) while at the same time minimizing the negative androgen effects (fluid retention [estradiol], acne, gynecomastia, etc.). If available, increase the Dianabol.

    Also, due to the short half life of Dianabol it is important to take the drug during the hours of exercising and eating and not when sleeping. There is one good article that studies the kinetics of protein synthesis with oxandrolone synthesis.

    So, I am in agreement with the greater total dose of AAS if one wishes to go for it all without regard for risk/benefit. I am in the habit of always considering the risks, benefits, alternatives, and complications of a treatment. Disregarding these, you are correct.

    As far as HPTA suppression, I was not really considering this. Without consideration for AAS cessation, HPTA suppression, than all bets are off. The question on how to best use AAS is really just a crap shoot.
    Excuse this last note. When you speak of real world experience, I am assuming it is your belief that I have none or little. Far from it. I have personally treated on a professional medical level many illicit AAS users. On an even more personal level, I competed at the Mr. Texas 1994 and placed second in the Senior division. This physique did not occur overnight but after years of training. It was done as a lark, but I am very glad for the opportunity. So my experience is on many levels.

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    I wonder what the reason is that it's stated to use dbol throughout lifting/eating hours vs before bed. I know the half-life of dbol is short but it's not like the body stops repairing itself once asleep...actually its the other way around.

    I know oral TBOL "supposedly" has a long half-live and I've been taking 80mg/day split roughly every 7 1/2 to 8 hours...I wonder if I'd be better off taking 2 larger doses everier in the day instead of the late night dose before bed.

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