I'm getting ready for a contest August 21. I am currently on a low dose of sustanon at 300mg a week (150x2). I am also using clen and going up to 100 or 120mg before tapering down for two weeks on benadryl and going back on clen. I also use 75mg of T3. I also use Anastrozole at .5 mg per day.
Now I am thinking of getting in 100mg (x2) week of deca and right up to 4 weeks before, cut the deca out and use 20mg of winny and 20mg of anavar.
Do I have all of my numbers correct for the addons? Should I add more deca and winny?

All this in an effort to use as minimal as possible gear, and my biggest concern here is, I dont want to go crazy using a ton of gear, I'm not going to be the next Mr. Olympia. I have my health to worry about and dont want to go overboard in AAS.