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H2O......fact or fiction?!!

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    Exclamation H2O......fact or fiction?!!

    Ok....as most know Im a shift worker!! I spend all my working hours in an air conditioned building with no/very little natural light! So when I get the chance I escape outside for a walk or run........now heres my question.......

    Due to the air conditioning and the length of time I spend talking to people and always standing......I take with me a large bottle of water..1.5 litres (I dont know the conversion)....but one of the ladies whom I work with made an amazing statement. Her mother is having bladder problems because she drank too much water when she was younger! Apparently she would drink water fairly much all the time....this has caused her bladder to loose its elasticity and now she is paying the price!!

    I know I drink alot of liquid, so has anyone else heard anything like this?!!! I find that Im not making the shift if I dont demolish at least one of these bottles with in the 4 hr shift (shortest one) and I have been known to refill it and polish that one off too!!

    So.........I know too much and the kidneys dont like it...but has there been any medical proof that the bladder can be a problem?!
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    I have no idea if that is possible or not....but I do think people are on a "water kick", and many drink more water than they need.
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    I think the amount that your bladder fills up is due to your kidney filtering and that is genetic. If I drink a glass of water I have to piss within no time at all. I have a friend though that can drink like 5 cokes and not have to piss for hourse. So my point is it is probably more genetic. Someone who drank the same amount of water might not be having the same problem at the same age.

    Hope that helps.

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    IMO... she's having bladder problems because she's been pregnant and had a child.

    My mother had to have her bladder suspended after having one of us four kids (don't remember which of us was the culprit) and has had various problems since.

    Fade's mother had the same experience after giving birth.

    My own experience has been that I noticed a marked increase in frequency since giving birth... it just plane hurts to hold it for too long

    I don't think drinking a lot of water was the cause of the problem, it just may be aggravating it.
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