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Lactose intolerance SUCKS

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    Lactose intolerance SUCKS

    I love cotttage cheese and I know it is very good for your body, but even if i take lactaid enzymes my stomach is churning about 4-5 hours later. Do you have any suggestions to rememy this problem? I kind of restricted for budget or I would get Iss Pro m3 !! How are your guys comments on HDT pro blend 55 ? wouild this be good before going to bed. Next week I start my bulking phase at 5500 caloires and cottage cheese would be a big help plus make my body more insulin sensitive becuase of the casin in the milk. Instyead of having the runs I can severe cramping and consitpation instead!! and my diet is very high in fiber almost 40 grams a day !! with 2-3 gallons of water


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    I have the same problem. I try to steer clear of dairy if I can help it. I still eat cheese, but milk gives me serious intestinal problems. Soy milk is a bit easier on the stomach. I use to love cereal with milk. I also used to drink two big glasses of milk every day. I really miss that.

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    It ain't that bad

    I originally started avoiding dairy products to lose weight (from ice cream, cheese etc) but eventually also found out that I did have certain negative reactions to it, namely it blocked my nose (and other symptoms of hayfever). Since I've got down to my ideal weight (this was before I stared working out) I never really went back to dairy products - I never get urges for them anymore, and in fact the thought of milk sometimes makes my stomach churn.
    Aside from this, I also don't enjoy dairy products because I'm one of those people who believe they're un-natural. I mean, cow's milk is meant to be drunk by baby cows, not adult humans. The only milk suitable for humans comes from humans themselves, and should only be consumed during infancy.
    But hey, that's just my opinion

    PS- I'm not a veggie
    John C.
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