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High Protein/Low Carb diet

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    High Protein/Low Carb diet


    I recently went to a nutritionist to get everything in order. I have about 22% BF and have recently started lifting again. I am not trying to get into competition shape, just trying to bulk up a little and get a little more cut. I am 22 and at 209lb now and need to be at 180-190. The doc suggested completely taking starches out of my diet and cutting my carbs to almost non existence. He recommended Protein Power for me to read. I bought the book and have read about half of it, good book. Well, I am wondering if anyone has heard any results from this diet? Everyone I have heard speak about this diet has said really great things about it. The only thing is that you can't do it for an extended period of time. I have just found it to be really really hard to find foods without carbs! I mean when you think of the restaurants to choose from, there aren't exactly a lot of restaurants that offer this type of diet. Sit down restaurants do, but that can become very expensive, plus hard to do on a lunch break. Anyone else run into this problem or having it now? Well, thanks for any help.


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    You have come to the right place, many people here have had success w/ a low carb diet. I'm impressed your Dr. suggested it, lol.

    Please check this thread, it has several good thread you should read....was gonna list which ones, but you should read them all.

    And you can do this type of diet for a long time, it is a healthy "lifestyle"...you just need to learn how to make it work, you can not go w/o carbs forever...you will need to learn about carb ups and which type of carbs to eat and which to avoid.

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