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Clenviscerate with ketotifen

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    Clenviscerate with ketotifen



    Mods - Sorry, I am not sure if this should be in the supplements, research chems or pct section.

    Just completed a 12 week sustanon/eq stack that went very well. I'm about a month post my last shot of Sus and just started the following cutter. Now, when I say cutter, I don't mean there is a huge reduction in cals, rather, I am hoping some of the following supplements will actually target fat loss. My diet has been very clean and I have actually been getting stronger in the last month during pct.

    I started HCGenerate 7 days after my last sustanon/eq shot and waited a full 21 days before adding nolvadex. I also ran HCG at 500 iu's 2x a week during my cycle.

    Back to the cutter that I am running:

    Need2Slin - should allow me to keep cals up and drop fat
    Clenviscerate (clen and eviscerate mixture) - targeted fat loss that seems to work
    Alph-t2 - this stuff is nuts, not suppose to be a stimulant but definitely makes me feel a little strange. Also makes my stomach feel like it is consuming itself
    Lean Xtreme - Just added this in yesterday and felt great when i woke up. It is suppose to help with high cortisol levels. This may be particularly helpful during pct.

    I'm also using Amplify02 preworkout and nolva and hcgenerate as part of my pct (about 4 weeks into HCGenerate and about a week into the nolva).

    My question... has anyone tried adding ketotifen to clenviscerate? I was surprised when I did a google search and not one post came up. The common dosing protocol with clenviscerate is 2 on and 2 with just eviscerate (no clen) and then repeat. I'm assuming the 2 days w/o clen are to prevent the downregulation of receptors. If so, I would imagine adding ketotifen would allow the user to run clenviserate continuously for a month (which is what I would like to try). So, I am going to give it a try while taking 0.5-1mg of ketotifen before bed each night.

    I'd appreciate anyones thoughts that has tried this or can think of a reason why it may not be a good idea.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Let us know how the HCGenerate goes for you, and I am positive you'll fall in love with Need2Slin.

    How did the cycle go for you overall? Sust + EQ sounds nice... did you do a 12 or 16 week run?

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