Week 1-3

Day 1
Upright Rows 10x10 (rest 1 min)
Bent over lat raises 3x10 (rest 1 min)
Superset incline curls 10x10 Tricep dips 10x10 (rest 1 min)
Day 2
Superset incline bench 10x10 Wide Pull ups 10x10 (rest 1 min)
Superset flat flies 3x10 low pulley rows 3x10 (rest 1 min)
Day 3
Superset squats 10x10 leg Curls 10x10 (rest 1 min)
Superset leg ext 3x10 Stiff leg Deadlift 3x10 (rest 1 min)

I do the 3 days then do them all over again and then rest for a day. Today was day one and i just don't really feel like i got that great of a workout in. On paper it looks great but i just really didn't feel as pumped in my shoulders as what i did b4. so i guess my question is 1 how does this training work for so many ppl 2 do i need to add something to it? Any thoughts or suggestions would be great!!