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    T3 confusion...

    So, I have a friend who just did a show and he is not a user...well, he uses PH and other legal stuff but this tiem he also used "T3" which he swears by...he told me that it is leagl to posses but illegal to use...so whats up with that ? I heared that it is a research chemical for your horse??? This is clearly a loophole in the law that i would like to take advantage of...So whats the issue with that and is there a way to test for this stuff in your system?? also would companies who suspect you of using roids test u for that usually ?
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    The t3 I have is for thyroid optimization and was prescribed.

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    Most things I have read on T3 seem to be muscle/strength loss unless on high amount of gear.

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    T3, aka triiodothyronine, aka Cytomel. It's the "active" thyroid hormone made by your thyroid and through peripheral deiodination by the tissues in your body.

    It's also a prescription drug, and may be sold legally as a research chemical.

    As far as I can tell, it can't be tested.
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