maintenance test dose , deca dbol cycle

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    maintenance test dose , deca dbol cycle

    167 lbs
    BF 6%
    years training 3
    diet is heavily swamped with fish and chicken.
    pasta one meal a day
    and lots o milk :}

    squat 300lbs
    bench press 270lbs
    deadlift causes too much discomfort on my lower back (old injury)

    1st cycle 21 days
    dbol 30mg + tren A 100mg eod for
    gained 15lbs , kept 8
    strength and sex drive absolutely through the roof
    bench went from 240 to 295 and fell to 255 during pct
    moderate acne
    nolva off cycle

    2cd cycle
    test e
    500 mg 1-8
    750 mg 8-10
    1000 mg 10-12
    nolva off cycle
    gained 20lbs , kept 15
    bench went back to 295 (cant effin hit 300) 2 months later still doing 270.
    acne went nuts on this cycle , sex drive was good but nothing like tren and dbol.
    also hair line took a noticable punch
    also my stomach hair grew a terrificly noticable amount.. weird

    proposed cycle
    dbol 30mg ed 1-6
    sust 250mg once weekly 1-10
    deca 300mg twice weekly 1-10

    i compete in amature mma events so typical bulking diet will not do... looking to make nice hard gains with this cycle by coupling it with an intense cardio regimen.. looking to keep 10-15 lbs

    anybody have any experience running deca with a low test dose ? thanks for your time this is my first post here . also wouldnt be opposed to running eq istead of deca

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    All I have to say is, Test should always be run higher than your Deca dose.

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