What / how often for blood tests? Doing first cycle

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    What / how often for blood tests? Doing first cycle

    (to sum this up im basically just wondering how often I should get blood tests and what are some things I should ask to get tested precycle, during a cycle and post cycle)

    Hey Guys,

    I am doing my first cycle dbol/test e for my first stack. Ive done my research it'll prob be dbol, test e. hcg in there too with clomid on pct

    Anyways Im 24 5'6 170lbs

    I have taken Accutane twice in the past for my acne. Two different cycles once when i was 14 another at around 16. It was pretty heavy oral drug hard on my liver so I am use to the blood tests.

    Before my first cycle I am going to go to my doctor and tell her Im going to be running some anabolics. Im pretty open with my doctor she knows basically everything I do. ***When I go and get my blood test before running my cycle what are some things that I should look for ?

    I am thinking about getting my test levels checked at the start neways. I am also thikning about going in for a blood test during my cycle once every 4 weeks (once a month) ...I know my doctor might be checking things but what are some things that I should recommend to be checking as well ? I am kind of worried about my acne because I did have it bad so I am always worried of it starting back up

    Geting my test levels checked, I'm not sure what else I could be doing? I am a very cautious guy so anything else I can be checking just for safety or keeping an eye on that you can recommend would be appreciated.

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    I would do blood tests before you cycle, otherwise you have nothing to compare to see if your levels are normal after cycle. (EDIT: I see your going before)

    Some get blood work during cycle, however I wait until after PCT to get blood work (1-3 months)

    Once you get results, post them up here. People will help you out and explain.

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    It is good that you can be honest with your doctor. I would ask her this question and go by her recommendations. Most of us on this board are experienced athletes and AAS users, by very few of us, if any, have an M.D.

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