Hi guys and gals, i'v got a few shops in the Sacramento area and just wanted to let you all know about the sale I am running through December on everything. All types of protein powders, fat burners like phenalean, black diamonds, clen-extreme etc etc.

Also for those looking to bulk, shred, or harden up. Iv got a killer list of great Pro Hormones. All of the ones I carry are GMP compliant, meaning they are tested for purity. So far my top sellers are Nanodrol, Freak, Halo-drol XT, Equibolix, Laxo-genin, Regenix, Liver-Genix. If you want more info call me at the store. You can find my products in Max Muscle, Nutrishop, Nates Muscle Market, all through the USA.

David Ferguson
West Coast Nutrition
1950 Douglas Blvd, Suite A6
Roseville, Ca
dave@exnutrition "dot" com