I know there have been other threads on this topic but I have not found any which address effective solutions to this problem. Also if you are wondering how I know for sure that this is what is causing the hair loss it is because I have stopped taking the medication on several occasions for a couple of months at a time during breaks in college. My hair loss totally stops within a week and is growing back considerably within two... and starts shedding again within a week of starting back up. I am now a 23 year old male who is otherwise healthy.

I have tried switching medications because of this and some cause more shedding than adderall such as concerta and vyvanse. I notice about half as much hair loss on dexedrine but it does not make me concentrate as much as adderall. On other threads I saw one possible reason for the hair loss given was diet being affected. I have been able to gain weight and muscle since starting my meds and keep track of calorie intake so i know its not this.

My doctor suggested zinc and selenium because it helps with some other med inuced hair loss and this did not work. I saw another doctor for other reasons and brought this up to him and he said it was common and is similar to the reason people with thyroid issues lose hair. He also suggested trying propecia if I could not stop the meds. But I believe this would only work if it is hormonal problem perhaps it also helps with length of hair cycles or something... will do some research If anyone has found an effective solution to this problem I would greatly appreciate some feedback as this has been causing me a great deal of stress for some time now. Thanks in advance.