Cycle after injury

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    Cycle after injury

    This thread is a little long winded so bear with me, newbie here. I have been reading through threads for a couple of months at this site and have gotten great info. and tips. Haven't seen any posts containing to lifting and or cycling after any injury. I had a complete distal bicep tendon repair after trying to help some idiot push a car out of the sand at the beach. It's been six months since the operation and also had a inguinal hernia operation 6 wks ago. Figured go ahead and fix it while I'm down and take advantage of the insurance. I have been doing rehab on the bicep tendon and making great progress and have go ahead from the herina Doc. I am looking forward to my next cycle seeing how I went from 198 to 175 within months with 8% bf. I was at the end of my cycle when the bicep injury happened, what a bitch..
    So my stats..
    ex USN search and rescue swimmer, Gulf War Vet. Have been lifting for 20yrs with all the supplements and just couldn't get past that wall till my first cycle and now that wall is down after my first cycle.
    this will be my third cycle
    Last cycle was Test E 600 wk, Tren E 400wk 5 wks and winny tabs at the end for a total of 14 wks and with great results.
    I have on hand Test E,Tren E, EQ,anavar with the pct for sides.
    Do you think its to early to start a cycle? I have heard that EQ can help with the recovery to a degree. Just looking for some feedback. Thanks
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    The problem is that during dramatic muscle growth while on aas, the tendons and ligaments cannot keep up and become more susceptible to injuries. I'd make sure your bicep tear is completely and totally healed before starting aas. You will want to lift heavy on aas and this could easily aggravate your bi issue. Some vets/gurus can advise with further details I'm sure...

    Of the bat, I'm thinking Deca might be a good addition primarily to help ease joint discomfort as well age. That is, if your bicep injury is, in fact, solved.

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