I've been experimenting over the years with different combinations for intra workout drinks and PWO shakes. These have worked best for me. I thought I would share and maybe help a few of you out in the meantime. These have worked well while on cycle.

Bulking protocol:

-30-40g dextrose
-5g instantized leucine
-10g instantized BCAA's
-5g creatine

Cutting protocol:

-10g instanized leucine
-10g instanized BCAA'S
-5g creatine

You can get all of this at www.trueprotein.com. You can add flavors to everything so it doesn't taste nasty or foul. There are numerous flavors to choose from. I would highly recommend sticking to the fruit type flavors because the chocolates and so on just don't taste that good while training.


Bulking Protocol:
-80g Dextrose
-25g Hydro Whey
-10g BCAA'S
-5g Leucine
-5g Creatine
-2g Acetyl L-Carnitine

Cutting Protocol:
-20g BCAA'S
-10g Glutimine Peptides
-5g Leucine

Good luck!!!