Dennis Wolf to compete at the IFBB Flex Pro Show

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    Dennis Wolf to compete at the IFBB Flex Pro Show


    Dennis Wolf denies internet rumor
    January 21, 2011

    We're not exactly sure how something we reported three weeks ago is news again, but apparently it is today: Dennis Wolf will compete in the FLEX Pro on February 19th at the Santa Monica Civic Center. Despite an internet rumor to the contrary, we caught up with Wolf this morning for confirmation.

    "I'm very excited to be in this contest," Wolf said. "I don't know how these things start because I've just been training and focusing on getting ready. I think there's a little extra motivation because it's the first time for this show and it's also the first one of the year."

    Wolf will look to continue his success from the 2010 Olympia, where he re-established himself as an elite competitor by placing fifth.

    "I'd like to call it irresponsible journalism, but that would imply that the people running this story as news understand what the word journalism means. Unfortunately some people take internet rumors as truth, and we did receive several calls this morning asking whether or not Dennis was still competing in the FLEX Pro. We then did what any responsible news outlet would when trying to confirm a rumor - we went straight to the source for confirmation. Needless to say, we are excited to see Dennis on stage competing in the FLEX Pro on February 19," FLEX Editor In Chief Allan Donnelly said.

    TICKETS ARE ON SALE for the FLEX Pro! Go here to buy your tickets now!
    WHAT: 2011 FLEX Pro Bodybuilding Championships presented by Body Fortress
    WHEN: February 19, 2011
    WHERE: Santa Monica Civic Center, Santa Monica CA
    TIMES: Prejudging at noon, Finals at 7 pm (All time PST)
    FOR MORE INFO: Go here


    Aaron Singerman of Rx Muscle's newest radio program, Access Bodybuilding, states, "Athletes change their minds. There could be many factors at play here, but I stand my story, as of three days ago Dennis Wolf was NOT doing the FLEX Pro Show. Personally, I'm glad he changed his mind."

    And, interestingly enough, as Rx Muscle member "Rambo2" noted, Flex magazine is not immune to passing on incorrect information:

    Greene drops out of Arnold Classic at 11th hour
    March 6, 2009

    by Shawn Perine


    According to an anonymous IFBB official, Kai Greene has dropped out of the 2009 Arnold Classic. For weeks rumors were circulating that Greene was well behind in his prep for the contest, and eyewitness accounts had him weighing in the high 270s less than two weeks out from the show, roughly 20 pounds heavier than his usual competition weight. Greene, who placed third at the 2008 Arnold Classic, was being mentioned by some as a potential top-three - or higher - finisher in early January.

    The decision is another in a long line of recent setbacks for Greene. Last year, he won the New York Pro but, according to all accounts, was not in good health in doing so. In late summer, a hernia operation sidelined him for the 2008 Olympia.


    As most know, Kai Greene did in fact compete at the 2009 Arnold Classic, taking his first of two consecutive Arnold titles.

    And here's Rx Muscle's comment on the drama:

    Rumor Displelled; Dennis Wolf to Compete in FLEX Pro!
    Written by Dave Palumbo
    Friday, 21 January 2011

    It was the shot heard round the bodybuilding world-- Dennis Wolf planned on skipping the FLEX Pro on January 9th in Santa Monica, CA. Rx Muscle broke that story to the feverish bodybuilding fans throughout the world. However, it wasn't good news for all the rabid readers of the article who were anticipating the Dennis Wolf-Dexter Jackson-Evan Centopani battle that had be talked about and debated for the last several weeks on every major bodybuilding website.

    As luck would have it, as of early this afternoon (as reported by, Wolf's in! Dennis' official statement on the subject is that he will indeed be competing at the inaugural 2011 FLEX Pro. He was quoted as saying that, "There's a little extra motivation because it's the first time for this show and it's also the first one of the year." And maybe, just maybe, he'll be crowned the first ever Flex Pro Champion?

    But the real question is, was the breaking news that flashed across the front page of Rx Muscle yesterday (January 20th) really, as FLEX Editor-in-chief Allan Donnelly said, "irresponsible journalism" or worse? I say, no, it was not! Rx Muscle columnist Aaron Singerman uncovered the polarizing story, verified it with a second source, and then wrote up the piece for publication. Whether Dennis Wolf miscommunicated to some friends and confidants or just simply changed his mind, the bottom line is fantastic for bodybuilding fans around the globe-Dennis will compete on Feb 19th!

    What I will admit to the bodybuilding community is that I, as owner of the site, should have personally called Robin Chang (promoter of the FLEX Pro) and run the story by him prior to going to print. In retrospect, I realize that might have saved us all a lot of drama. But who doesn't love pomp and circumstance in bodybuilding?

    The FLEX Pro show is launching the bodybuilding season in spectacular fashion in the city where this great sport of ours has its roots-Santa Monica/Venice, California. How great is it to finally have a show back in The Mecca of Bodybuilding. . . the "House that Arnold Built". . . the sunny beachfront community that has seen some of the greatest bodybuilders of all time grace its presence? I know I'm extremely excited to step off that plane into the warm California weather, drive directly the Firehouse for a good healthy bodybuilding meal, then hit Gold's Gym Venice for blood pumping workout. California, here we come!


    How do you think Wolf will do at the Flex Pro?
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