By: One Punch


Within the last couple decades, western european nations have had a tidal wave of new immigrants coming from mid-eastern muslim nations, and even from further eastern countries that practice Islam.

I'm often amused sometimes when the ignorant will say something like, ''those poor muslim immigrants are coming to take back what the old white racist and bigot empires stole from them'', often implying that the old British empire exploited from them, stole their land, and stole their heritage, and somehow stole their wonderful historical legacy.

Many of those ignorant masses, along with those of the better educated ''historical revisionist'' types will often use the typical word-speak of the ''leftists'' and that of which they adopted from the communist trouble-makers which is pure bullshit, to try to make an illustration that somehow tries to show a moral higher ground for their ''justification'' of taking back what was always theirs.

They, mostly muslims, are emigrating to the west because their own shit nations are total economic failures, mostly politically corrupt, they offer few if any honest freedoms or opportunities, and they know that the western european civilized nations have a soft spot for allowing all sorts of miscreants and inferior cultures that seem incapable of ever helping themselves, so, they welcome them into their countries ---

But, the problem is that after the new immigrants become comfortable, and as ''their' own numbers increase, the new ''guests'' start becoming ''bold'' and start making demands, and start making trouble, begin engaging in crime, will not assimilate with the native host's peoples, will not respect the laws, and many of them seem to think that their hosts should allow them to impose ''Sharia'' law in the local muslim communities ---

And when the host country decides its going to crack down on their new ''guests'', the muslim guests scream ''racism'' and ''discrimination'', and then LIE through their f-ing teeth that they are being ''persecuted'' because of their ''muslim religion'', and then all the ''do-goody'' progressive white liberals come running to defend the foreign criminal usurpers, condeming the native european inhabitants of racism and bigotry, thus instilling the foreign uncivilized violent stone age bastards with even MORE boldness, thus making it virtually impossible to do what needs to be done to preserve the european countries very OWN culture, their economy, their own traditional religion, and their own way of life that is being sucked out dry by the foreign parasites.

Overal, the western european white males ARE seen as weak, soft, and indecisive when it comes to dealing with outside forces, and in Germany's case, ''guilt'' from WWII and the legacy of the Nazis has helped to create a white ''self-eviscerated'' society still coping to try to prove to the world that they are not hate-filled, they are not bigots, and they are not racists ---

And then their new immigrant guests from the middle-east KNOW how to use that guilt AGAINST the native germans to get whatever they want by making demands, defying german authorities, and by trying to impose their fucked up inferior stone age culture and their oppressive islamic religion upon their german hosts.

This ''scenario'' is being played out over and over again, and its not only occurring in Germany, but also in Britain, Australia, Spain, Italy, and in many other countries, and now the United States is succumbing to it.

Western european countries cultures and the United States' culture in particular, are often routinely accused by Islamics of being morally bankrupt, perverse, sexually immoral, much too capitalistic, highly filled with racism and intolerance for other races and cultures, but yet, they come, they come, and they keep coming to Western Europe and to the United States.

If that is so, why do they keep coming?

There are so many Islamic front groups too, as well as muslim support groups that are increasing in many western european countries as well as in the United States ---
One might think this new type of ''Welcome Wagon'' might be serving up much more than just open welcome arms to help the new muslim immigrants ''settle and assimiliate'' with their new hosts, but as mentioned above, they seldom if ever assimiliate, nor do they seem to want to.


During the last couple of weeks or so, it appears that the more moderate mid-eastern countries are under seige, but who created and instigated those conditions in the first place? ---

Supposedly, the poor masses of people are wanting a real ''democracy'' of sorts, an end to political corruption, more freedoms they say, and more of their voices to be heard ---

We are now hearing some ''common themes'' coming from the protesters such as, ''social justice'' and an end to ''corruption'', or ''Mubarak loves Israel'', all meant of course to stir-up the masses for more unrest, violence, and hatred for Mubarak because Islam and Israel does not mix, just like oil cannot mix with water, and there can be little doubt that radical groups from the United States and western european nations instigated, supported, and are fomenting the riots and demonstrations, and that also includes radical Islamo-fascist groups who made their homes in the west years ago, from the United States and from western europe!

Naturally, there are many altruistic liberal groups, the well intentioned, but always the common ''stupid liberal'' from America and from western europe who seem to think that the mid-eastern demonstrations just simply came out of nowhere, just a spontaneous collective reaction that suddenly gave mid-eastern muslims a revulsion to ''dictators'' ---

And wasn't that quite a non-rehearsed epiphany? Why sure, so much so, that even overcoming all the logistic problems to help export all the violence, the increasing death toll, and the shouts of, ''Prepare to go to war with Israel'' has also become the new theme, although not really unexpected since a few other common theme's such as, ''destroy Israel'' and ''liberate Palestine'' has ALWAYS been the glue that binds muslim countries together in solidarity, and now, yes,...THOSE choice words ARE being heard now, and increasing with greater frequency.

The ever helpful progressive and leftist national liberal socialist OLD alphabet network media in the United States, and their fine and often admired fellow journalists from Al Jazeera see the mass protests breaking out all over the middle-east as a ''good thing'', kind of like modern day Thomas Jeffersons, George Washingtons, and Ben Franklins, who traditionally had been demoted years and years ago for their racist bigot pasts, but somehow their expertise at buliding ''true democracies'' have suddenly elevated them in good standing with the Islamic radicals who only want true freedom, economic justice, social justice, and liberty for all.