I am working with Built about my HRT.
I am curently
49 Y/O male
260 Pounds
35% +- body fat according to my scale
I have been a lifter in the past and do have some decent muscle.
started androgel 1% 5gm for 3 months
10-25-2010 total test 232
free %2.09
free test 48.5
estradiol 33
PSA 0.7
Other blood work great

Labs 1-19-2011
TOTAL Cholesterol 192
HDL is low 37
LDL 130
TEST free and total 350
free test 69.

I would like to see my Testosterone in the upper 1/3 of range (quest labs) 250-1100 ng/ dL

I am still feeling like crap so DR perscribed 100 mg of 100 mg /ML Test C once every other WEEK! NO androgel

I am currently sandbagging a little to keep my results low and will complain about low libido ETC at my next appointment.
I am pinning 12.5 mg 2 x a week and stocking up on the extra TEST C

A couple of questions? Being that I am so fat do I need to worry about AI at this dosinng? 50 MG a week

I am doing HIIT twice a week and lifting 3 x a week.
I like crap and recovery sucks.
Diet is Carb cycling going keto 3-4 days a week

Also, does it matter if I pin Sub q versus IM with such a low dose?