Is there different severities of being shutdown???

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    Question Is there different severities of being shutdown???

    I've heard many times that being shutdown is being shutdown. With this philosophy one might think to run as much as the safely can since it won't impact the HTPA any further than a small dose of test for example.

    I've also heard that the dose, duration of intake, and the drug used makes a huge different in how severely someone is shutdown. With this philosophy it would make sense to run the smallest effective doses...whatever that might be for each person.

    I doubt there's any legitimate research on this but I wanted to see what some of the experts opinions were on this. Personally, I feel the 2nd philosophy makes a hell of a lot more sense. It's generally understood hat 19-nors effect recover more than other AAS and I would have to believe that 1gram of Test would be harder to recover from vs. 300-400mg if ran for the same duration...

    Anyone have any science behind this???

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    I think the length of cycle determines how hard the shutdown is with any moderately strong AAS. Need to prevent leydig cell atrophy imo to help with any degree of shutdown.

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    There are certainly many different levels of "shutdown". I have done research on this in the past and it is so difficult to come to a finite conclusion but I can tell you that there are different levels of shutdown.

    So many things come into play and maybe the most difficult one to measure is your body's natural homeostasis. Of course compounds, duration, and dosages all come into play...

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