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I know its not a matter of if, but how much..

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    I know its not a matter of if, but how much..

    Ive pretty much decided after a horrible winter of eating and drinking and putting on approx 20 lbs (from 154 to 175) that I want to lose weight quick rather than preserve most or all of my muscle mass before my spring break vacation the first week of april.

    Ive been on a 1300 calorie, low carb diet the past 2 weeks and am already down to 167. Im taking in approx 140 grams of protein daily and lifting heavy 5 days a week. Im doing cardio twice a week with 1 rest day.

    Ive dropped a lot of weight before so im not worried about my diet. Other than the fact I wont be getting as many calories as 99% of the most knowlagable posters will like, it is very strict and very clean diet. I basically live off of water, whey, lean turkey burgers, dark greens and almonds. Any carb cheating is done with whole grains and oatmeal. Im also using very low doses of EC mostly just to curb my appitite.

    So back to my original topic...I know dieting this way is going against the grain, but just how dramatic will muscle loss be? btw im trying to get down to 154 lbs.

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    I really don't know if there is a formula for muscle loss, maybe someone does. I know there are supps that can help maintain muscle, the biggest being keeping your protein intake up as high as possible.

    Many also will recommend CLA to help as well.

    Outside the supps, you have to keep pushing yourself in the weight room and don't settle for dropping strength because you're dropping weight. Have a "war" mentality in the gym and you'll be ok.

    Good luck on that diet, I've ran a similar one. Dropped 52 lbs in 3 months.

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    You're dieting for a month? Do Rapid Fat Loss. It's not much different from what you're doing now.
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