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O.J. beating a hoax?

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    O.J. beating a hoax?

    Has this been posted yet?

    Prison denies Enquirer report on O.J. Simpson attack

    Severely beaten in prison?
    The Nevada prison holding O.J. Simpson says there is no truth to a National Enquirer article reporting that the former NFL great was savagely beaten in a racially motivated attack.

    "We're getting inundated" with calls from news media said Steve Suwe, the public information officer for the Lovelock Correctional Center, told USA Today.

    The Enquirer story claimed that inmates cheered on a young skinhead as he beat Simpson to a "bloody pulp," knocking him to ground and inflicting serious injuries. It went on to say that Simpson, 63, spent three weeks in the infirmary while prison officials attempted to hush up the incident and that Simpson was now afraid to leave his cell.

    "The Juice" is serving nine to 33 years for armed robbery and kidnapping in an armed confrontation with sports memorabilia dealers. Simpson contends the the incident was an attempt to retrieve stolen family photos and mementos.

    Bogus O.J. Simpson rumor has made the rounds before: USA Today

    Read more: Prison denies Enquirer report on O.J. Simpson attack : Hot Topics

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    Why can't he just go away? At least he's finally in prison where he belongs.
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